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Zarget vs Optimizely

Features Provided


Only on integration with Crazyegg and Clicktale


Only on integration with Crazyegg and Clicktale

Funnel Analysis

Only on integration with Mixpanel

A/B Testing

Split URL testing

Form Analytics

Only on integration with Clicktale

Polls & Feedback


Only on integration with Qualaroo

Releasing soon

Advanced targeting segments


Real-time results

Encryption of sensitive data at Rest

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions


Online support and knowledge base

Phone support, online support and knowledge base

Snippet Type

Synchronous and asynchronous

Synchronous and asynchronous

Pricing Plan

Customized pricing for enterprise plan

$59/month based on Monthly unique visitors.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Real time visualization & reporting of heatmaps.
  • Generate dynamic live heatmaps report, instead of viewing them in snapshots.
  • Gain accurate insights with no sampling of data.
  • Heatmaps for dynamic elements (sliding banners, drop down menu, etc).
  • Support for responsive HTML5 and CSS3 websites.
  • Heatmaps for gated pages via Chrome extension.
  • In-depth metrics on Number of clicks in the website.
  • Consolidated reports for pages with common templates.
  • Generate heatmaps integrated with A/B and split url testing.
  • Pricing plan is based on number of unique visitors per month, rather than total number of visits per month. Example: When a user visits a website 10 times in a month, Zarget considers it as 1 unique visit, while others consider it as 10 visits.

Technical Support
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Zarget vs Optimizely