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Zarget For Agencies

Do you run an agency with several clients who require optimizing their website? Or do multiple business units at your company want to add several users and increase conversions with Zarget? If so, you could benefit from Zarget’s ability to manage multiple accounts and add multiple users to an account.

Our Multi Account Management (MAM) was built specifically keeping you in our mind to manage clients who use Zarget.

Zarget offers several benefits for agencies through Multi Account Management.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Account Sharing
  • Roles and access privileges
  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • Collaborate seamlessly

Account Sharing

Let’s assume Ecart has a marketing team trying to optimize their site and achieve conversions. Ecart makes use of Zarget to analyze their website. Conventionally, Ecart has a single Zarget account and shares the details of the experiments running on their website to their team through other means. And the account information is shared among the team members.

Zarget’s MAM simplified the above by account sharing. This allows Ecart to share only the necessary information with their team.

Roles and Access Privileges

Currently, Zarget comes up with two user levels which defines what a user can and cannot do with the Zarget’s account. We came up with different user levels to optimize the functionality of larger organizations and for agencies who work with those larger organizations.

Out of the box when you create Zarget account, there are two default user roles:

  • Account Manager
  • Super User

For a detailed access privileges of the user levels, here’s a KB article.

Manage Multiple Client Accounts

We noticed that many of our users manage more than one Zarget account for different organizations. Now, instead of creating multiple user accounts with different email addresses, you can add up to 10 organizations to a single account and quickly switch among them in the dashboard.

Zarget Dashboard

Zarget Dashboard

Read this KB article to manage your organizations.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Let’s work together with Zarget!

For a lot of our customers, website optimization in Zarget is a team effort. Marketers, content writers, designers and developers work together to create better variations to test with their website. To reduce the complexity of a team work, Zarget provides seamless and effective collaboration through MAM.

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Zarget For Agencies